Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook

'Inspector, if you don't mind me saying so,you're not making a great deal of sense.'Witherspoon sighed silently.
Of course he wasn't making any sense,but neither was she. However he was far too much a gentleman to point that out to her.'

-Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook 

Description: "Mrs. Jeffries Plays the Cook" (4/1995)
ISBN # 0425150534 Berkley Prime Crime
Minerva Kenny is a dear woman, but her tendency to "borrow" things without asking has finally caught up with her. William Barrett is holding the damning evidence but when Mrs. Jeffries and her staff try to recover it, they fnid something more shocking: Barrett's corpse! And when the Inspector's cook is called away suddenly, Mrs. Jeffries finds herself doing double duty: cooking for the household - and trying to cook this killer's goose!

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