The Mrs. Jeffries Victorian London Mystery Series 


Fortieth Mystery in the Series

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 "Mrs Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders"


Mrs. Jeffries and Inspector Witherspoon should be checking off their Christmas present list but instead they're listing murder suspects in this latest entry of the beloved Victorian Mystery series.

Harriet Andover had no intention of dying young like her silly siblings had. She intended to outlive them and outdo them as she always had. But Harriet discovers that the best intentions can lead to murder when she is strangled inside her mansion with a house full of holiday guests.

As much as Inspector Witherspoon enjoys his job delivering justice, the last thing he wanted was a complicated murder case just a week before Christmas. He soon discovers that Harriet's own husband and grown stepchildren are not overcome with grief and neither are most of her friends. And to put the icing on the Christmas cookies, the room where Harriet's body was found was locked from the inside and she had the only key in her pocket.

Mrs. Jeffries and the household have no intention of letting their inspector down and learn that Harriet's sister may have died from foul play as well. As the clues mount, this dedicated band of merry sleuths will not rest until they've delivered a stocking full of coal to a crafty killer.


Set in Victorian England at Christmas time, “Mrs. Jeffries and the Midwinter Murders” is the well done 40th book in the Mrs. Jeffries cozy mystery series by Emily Brightwell. The fact that the series has lasted so long is a testament to how wonderful this series is. By now all the characters – Inspector Witherspoon, Constable Barnes, Mrs. Jeffries, Luty Belle, Hatchett, Ruth, Smythe, Betsy, Mrs. Goodge, Phyllis, and Wiggins all feel like old friends and I love visiting with them again. The setup for each book is the same – Witherspoon and Barnes question the suspects while Mrs. Jeffries and friends talk to servants, shopkeepers, etc. to get clues that Mrs. Jeffries puts together to solve the murder but Brightwell manages to keep the series fresh with each book. This book has plenty of suspects which allows the reader to try and solve the mystery alongside Mrs. Jeffries. There are also plenty of twists and turns and a few red herrings – I thought for sure I knew who the killer was but I was totally wrong. Finally, the book ends with a couple of cliffhangers that make me eagerly await the next book in the series.

- Drebbles - Amazon Review - November 29 2021




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