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 "Mrs Jeffries Demands Justice"

Demands Justice

Reviewed by Publishers Weekly November 2020

 In Brightwell’s energetic 39th Victorian mystery (after 2019’s Mrs. Jeffries and the Alms of the Angel), Mrs. Jeffries, the smart housekeeper of Insp. Gerald Witherspoon, is on the case when her employer’s well-born colleague, Insp. Nigel Nivens, is implicated in the fatal shooting of iceman Bert Santorini in Whitechapel, and Witherspoon’s superior, who’s eager to end press accusations that the Metropolitan Police will cover up a crime committed by one of their own, assigns the inspector to the investigation. Though the weaselly Nivens has double-crossed Witherspoon in the past to get ahead, Mrs. Jeffries believes that everyone deserves justice, and deploys her fellow servants and other associates to pump residents for information. They soon learn that Santorini had numerous enemies, was romancing his landlady as well as a barmaid, seemed quite friendly with a notorious pickpocket, had an unexplained cache of cash, and may have sent innocent men to prison through false testimony. But why is Nivens acting so suspiciously? Memorable characters resonate amid the unusual scenario of an unsympathetic prime suspect. Both longtime fans and readers new to the series will have a grand time.


"The Mrs. Jeffries stories are written in the style and spirit of the Victorian cozy mysteries, and Agatha Christie would be proud. Author Emily Brightwell provides the reader with a perfect balance of old-time gentility and ruthless, cold-blooded murder, not to mention ample mystery and intrigue in the tradition of the best whodunits. Brightwell’s writing style is fluid and fun to read. Her descriptions of the Victorian London locations carry the ring of truth, and add greatly to the allure of the story."


- Don Metzler - Gumshoe Review - March 2009 issue




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